Our Values

1.  The Word of God

Our final authority is the Word of God- therefore, in obedience to The Great Commission, all that we do is the means by which we share the gospel of Christ.  We also seek to encourage and disciple believers into a deeper relationship with Christ, where they in turn will seek to share Christ with the lost.

2.  Cooperation and Commitment

We recognize that our role is to provide support, training and resources to national workers and believers.  They are active participants and it is our desire for all projects to be ultimately directed by nationals.  Therefore, we work in cooperation with local church leaders and believers as well as existing agencies and ministries.  We are committed to the projects that God has called us to complete.  Therefore, we commit to provide the support, training and resources that are needed to ensure that the work continues and grows.

3.  Youth Focus

While we desire to meet the needs of all people, we are especially committed to meeting the needs of youth.  By reaching youth with the gospel and discipling them in God’s Word, they will in turn reach out to their family, friends and community.  The youth are the future church and need support in order to grow into their responsibilities.

 4.  Stewardship

As a faith mission, we rely on like-minded people to provide the support necessary to complete the projects we commit to.  We recognize that we are stewards of our resources- our abilities, gifts, time and finances.  We recognize that all we have comes from God and therefore we are responsible before Him as to how we use these resources.  We will maintain accurate records as well as accountability so there will be no question as to the use of our resources.

Vision Statement

To touch lives for eternity by helping people have a closer relationship with Almighty God.


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