July 2022 Computer and Sewing Program Graduations

This past weekend our Computer and Sewing students celebrated their accomplishment of completing HOPE’s training programs.

35 graduates were honored and guests enjoyed music, speeches and the opportunity to view student projects.

We are excited to strengthen skills that can increase employment and financial opportunities as well as encouraging and challenging each one in their relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for your continued financial and prayer support which makes it possible!

Last year, HOPE was able to support a church by supplying the materials needed for church pews.

They look great and are a blessing to this local congregation!

Thank you for enabling us to meet tangible needs of our brothers and sisters.

2022 Computer and Sewing Program Graduates
Examples of Sewing Projects on display
Pew benches made for a local church with materials donated by HOPE

Hurricane Update- 8/31/2021

We are pleased that we’ve been able to source tarps through a non-profit working to import them from the DR in bulk.

Providing shelter is the most pressing need at the moment- and this will only be a temporary solution. We’ve been able to pay for these items in full but will need to continue raising funds not only to address the HOPE Community Center damage but to support the community as they rebuild.

Please pray for wisdom in the coming weeks as we evaluate the structural damage to our building (we will be hiring a professional to do this) as well as coordinating distribution of supplies.

Please pray, give and share

Hurricane Update- 8/29/2021

We have spent the week coordinating a food and hygiene pack delivery as well as researching the best way to support our community in terms of shelter. Sourcing materials within a reasonable price range is challenging- and we appreciate larger organizations for helping those of us who are smaller.

Please continue to pray we have wisdom as we make decisions. Our goal is always to help and propel the community forward- not to hinder them in any way.

Overall, there is progress in the region with more remote villages receiving support and medical care. They are working to fix the Jeremie bridge and increasing security for relief deliveries. Haiti is by no means stable- and even if the media has stopped reporting- know there is incredible work to be done.

Please pray, give and share.

Earthquake Update- 8/20/2021

We’ve received good news!

Those organizing relief supplies we applied for have made contact and we are awaiting details on delivery to Duchity. This is great news! Pray the supplies arrive and are distributed smoothly.

One urgent prayer request is that the only bridge that connects to the city of Jeremie has become unstable. It is not safe for vehicles. All relief items need to be either walked across the bridge or brought by air/sea. This significantly impacts how much can be delivered and how quickly. There are signifiant water shortages there as well in Pestel as was shared yesterday.

Continue to pray and give. The needs are overwhelming and unfortunately, Haiti will quickly become a passing news item. And we often grow numb to the needs.

Thank you to all who have donated to HOPE and other trustworthy organizations. We are grateful.

Earthquake Update- 8/19/21

Detailed update on current deaths, injuries and relief efforts below.

Pray today for Pestel- the larger “small city” north of Duchity. Many of our community members have connections/family there. They are without water due to damage to cisterns.

It is so critical that relief make its way via air and highway to the communities along Route National 7. Pray for the hard-to-reach villages too. I know efforts are being made to mobilize and get relief to them. It is an overwhelming task.

Remember Haiti today 🇭🇹

Thank you to many who have donated relief funds yesterday and today. We are grateful. Donations can be made at our website:www.hopemissioninternational.org as well as via check. Info found under Contact Us section.


Haiti Earthquake- 8/18/2021

Our main prayer request today is that relief efforts would be able to move past the large cities of Jeremie and Les Cayes and head into the countryside.

Roads, supply levels and safety impact the ability for relief to flow. There are so many difficult-to-reach villages that are desperate.

Pray for those coordinating to have incredible insight and creativity.

For those transporting for energy, safety and wisdom (especially driving trucks in precarious situations and flying aircraft). Pray for those waiting that they would be strengthened and encouraged.

In Duchity, they are sleeping under makeshift tents/tarps. They endured the Tropical Depression and the rain it brought. Now, they wait for help.

We have applied for relief materials to be brought to Duchity- pray that this request is fulfilled soon.

Thank you to those who have made donations to HOPE already- we appreciate any gift to help bring relief to our community. 100% of all donations for earthquake relief will be used to assist our community members with immediate needs and rebuilding.

Haiti Earthquake- 8/16/2021

🇭🇹 Monday morning update

Over 1200 dead- many missing- 5700 injuredThe main concern at this time is that Tropical Storm Grace is headed over Southern Haiti today into tomorrow. This will greatly impact rescue attempts, evacuations and shelter.

For those unfamiliar with Haiti’s geography/climate- it is a mountainous country and deforestation has made them susceptible to mudslides as there are few roots to hold in soil. The major road to bring supplies to the impacted region has been cut off due to a landslide and they hope to have it open today.

Please continue to pray and give.


Haiti Earthquake- 8/15/2021 Update #2

Pictures we received this morning.

The first is Pastor Zacharie’s home, our National Director.

The others are of homes throughout the Duchity community. People slept outside or in shelters last night due to fear of being in their homes. They continue to experience aftershocks.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:18

Haiti Earthquake- 8/15/21 update

As you hear news about the Haitian Earthquake- a few things to keep in mind.

Numbers of injuries/deaths are low at the moment— the area where the earthquake took place was in the countryside. There are many villages that are only accessible by foot/moto. We don’t know the numbers of people needing rescue or medical attention. Normally, these people may walk HOURS to visit a clinic.

A major road from Port-au-Prince is being controlled by gangs. This has significantly impacted the country already- and will make getting supplies difficult. Pray there is safe passage.

For those who have traveled to Duchity with us- the bridge by River Glass is impassable. To get to Jeremie there are really only 2 major roads. The other one is longer and more treacherous. Haiti has very limited airplanes/helicopters- so any supplies to be flown in and injured to be flown out will take a lot of time.

A number of Hospitals in the two major cities, Jeremie/Les Cayes were damaged. Procedures and care are being performed under tarps outside.

One blessing is that Port-au-Prince was not impacted, as in the last earthquake. This means that supplies can be sourced from the capital- cutting down the need to fly in resources from other countries.

Be praying for all the above- the 2010 earthquake was extremely traumatic for many and it has no doubt, brought all that to the surface again.

HOPE Mission International is working to assess needs in our community and will be providing resources. Our immediate needs are for tarps for shelter and food/water. If you would like to donate, where 100% of funds will go directly to the Duchity community, please donate via PayPal.


Haiti Earthquake- Saturday update

We are receiving reports of considerable damage to our building and homes in the Duchity community. Some barely escaped their homes when the earthquake struck. There are many injuries reported. These are pictures of our community center with structural damage. Also pictures of surrounding homes. We are evaluating needs and determining how best to meet them.

To help- please visit our website and make a donation through PayPal. This will allow us to assist quickly and efficiently.


Thank you for your faithful prayers and support