Haiti Earthquake- 8/15/21 update

As you hear news about the Haitian Earthquake- a few things to keep in mind.

Numbers of injuries/deaths are low at the moment— the area where the earthquake took place was in the countryside. There are many villages that are only accessible by foot/moto. We don’t know the numbers of people needing rescue or medical attention. Normally, these people may walk HOURS to visit a clinic.

A major road from Port-au-Prince is being controlled by gangs. This has significantly impacted the country already- and will make getting supplies difficult. Pray there is safe passage.

For those who have traveled to Duchity with us- the bridge by River Glass is impassable. To get to Jeremie there are really only 2 major roads. The other one is longer and more treacherous. Haiti has very limited airplanes/helicopters- so any supplies to be flown in and injured to be flown out will take a lot of time.

A number of Hospitals in the two major cities, Jeremie/Les Cayes were damaged. Procedures and care are being performed under tarps outside.

One blessing is that Port-au-Prince was not impacted, as in the last earthquake. This means that supplies can be sourced from the capital- cutting down the need to fly in resources from other countries.

Be praying for all the above- the 2010 earthquake was extremely traumatic for many and it has no doubt, brought all that to the surface again.

HOPE Mission International is working to assess needs in our community and will be providing resources. Our immediate needs are for tarps for shelter and food/water. If you would like to donate, where 100% of funds will go directly to the Duchity community, please donate via PayPal.


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