Construction Progress

Pastor Zacharie, one of our three project administrators, has reported that the doors and metal window guards have been constructed and installed in the HOPE Community building.  This is an encouraging milestone as it allows us to secure the building.  This past spring, the cement roof was poured, the rough work was completed for electricity and plumbing and the walls began to be prepared for painting.  We are currently seeking $20,000 to move the building project to the final painting stage.  This includes finishing the floor, plumbing, electric, bathrooms, steps/porch and plastering the walls.  We are grateful that the building is in use every week, even though it is still a “work in progress”.  Our goal is to continue to use the building for Biblical instruction as well as to provide library services for students and church leaders.  The building will also house an internet lab and serve as our “home base” for other spiritual and educational outreaches.  Eventually, our ministry teams will be housed within this building as well.

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