HOPE Community Library Inauguration and Computer Class Graduation!

We are pleased to announce the Inauguration of the HOPE Community Library will be held on Sunday, July 7, 2013!  We have been working towards this day for many years.  God has been using HOPE’s property and building for ministry outreach for many years.  Bible studies, revival meetings, and Vacation Bible School have been held throughout the year.  Over the last two years, the use of the building has expanded to include weekly Computer Skills Training for youth and adults as well as a weekly film outreach.  Last summer, we hosted two teams on-site!  Now, we are ready to officially open the library to the public!  Our staff is ready, bookshelves are full, tables/desks are in place and the books are cataloged.  We are eager to take time to come together as a community and thank God for his provision!  This has been a community effort but it would never have been possible without the Lord’s help and your faithful support!  We will also hold the 1st Graduation Ceremony for the youth and adult students who have successfully completed over 50 hours of Computer Skills Training!

Join us in praising God for all HE has done!  Continue to pray that He uses HOPE to bring Him honor and to make Christ known throughout Pestel!

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