Summer Ministry Team

Our Summer Ministry Team will be heading to Duchity this Sunday, July 9th – July 15th!  The team will be sharing in a pastor’s conference, ladies craft/devotional time and daily Vacation Bible School.  They will also be touring the recent homes that HOPE rebuilt due to Hurricane Matthew last fall.  Thank you to many generous supporters who enabled us to help these families as well as repair the HOPE Community Building.

The team will be delivering books for the local pastors that we received from The Gospel Coalition as well as Solar Powered “Messengers” from InTouch Ministries which have the Bible and Sermons in both Creole/English.  The team will also deliver 200+ family paks of 11 different types of seeds from HOPE Seeds.  These will help replenish the gardens that were destroyed last fall due to the Hurricane.  The team will visit with many of our sponsored children.  Thanks to the generosity of Calvary Chapel in Canterbury, CT and Bible Christian Church in Ellicott, CO, we were able to purchase 20 new laptops.  Due to dead laptops and no solar power (also due to the hurricane), we have not been able to run our Computer Training Program this past year.  Now, we will be able to start this powerful program in the fall.  Please pray that all the laptops enter the country safely and without issue.

We look forward to sharing updates from the team and reporting on their trip.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

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