December Trip Recap

Our trip to Haiti in December was in many ways what we did not expect- but at the same time, it was EXACTLY what we expected.

We did not expect to have to change ministry plans or re-arrange schedules or even forgo activities we were looking forward to.  But we did expect God to show up BIG time, to give us opportunity to be His hands and feet and to proclaim His truth.  It is always comforting to know that God’s ways are higher than our ways even when it is not what we would have chosen for ourselves  We can rest that He is in absolute control and is accomplishing His plans!

Wilfrid was able to travel to Pestel 12/18 and make arrangements for the Computer Training Center.  All laptops and equipment arrived safely, is set up and ready to go!  We’ve arranged for a computer teacher who can teach both the bible lessons and computer skills.  We’ve reviewed his bible lesson material and are very impressed.  Lessons will begin with understanding who Jesus is- His deity, His characteristics and why He is the Savior!  Classes will begin the weekend of January 20th- one class for adult community leaders and one class for youth.  Our goal is to train local leaders to carry on these classes in the future.

We have temporary internet access at the library, while the classes are in session.  But- we are in need of a permanent solution.  This is possible as soon as we have the finances- approximately $5,000.  It will be very exciting to see how the introduction of new technology and internet advance the Duchity community.  I get pretty excited for the teachers and students when I consider them using the internet for their lessons and research.  Also- being able to keep in touch with loved ones is a plus !

We are in need of regular monthly giving to underwrite the cost of these classes (approximately $400/month).  We will need monies to cover transportation for the teacher as well as the fuel to run the generator during the class time.  If you would like to give a gift towards this please visit our “contact us” page.

The film outreach is also beginning.  We were able to deliver a number of Christian and family friendly films to the HOPE Library.  Many of our favorites such as, “Fireproof”, “Facing the Giants”, and “The Nativity Story” will soon be seen on the “big screen”- either using our 52 inch T.V. or the new LCD projector that was brought down in December.  Some may wonder how this is an effective outreach.  For a community without electricity and few opportunities to interact with technology- having an opportunity to view a Christian/positive movie is a very special treat.  We do hope that truth goes forth through these movies and causes people to think, reflect and consider God.  It also opens the doors of the HOPE building to the community- allows them time to be together and creates a bridge between the community and future HOPE outreaches/ministries.  Two young men will be overseeing this weekly activity.   We ask that you pray it is an encouragement to the Duchity community.

Finally- we were deeply saddened on Christmas Day to learn that one of our faithful national supporters had passed away.  Guerline, Wilfrid’s sister, passed away unexpectedly.  She leaves her mother and two young sons (17 and 13).  Guerline faithfully cared for all HOPE teams and was a true delight to be with.  We will miss her gentle nature and warm smile.  Please pray for her family- that they will experience the comfort that only Jesus can give.  Both of her sons are sponsored through our program and will continue to be involved in our outreaches.  We praise God that Wilfrid and Alice were able to be in Duchity when this happened.  They were an incredible support to their family and the community.  The HOPE library building was used to hold the funeral services and over 700 attended.  The gospel went forth boldly and we praise God that HOPE could play a small part in that.  Please pray for the community as they seek to move forward.

Thank you for your continued support of God’s work in Haiti.  We are humbled and in awe of all He is doing!

Elisabeth for the HOPE Team

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