Computer skills classes have begun!

Computer skills classes have been in session for two weeks now!  We are thrilled to provide this training within the Duchity/Pestel community.

For many, it was their first time seeing and operating a computer!  Each class includes a 30 minute Bible Study focusing on who Jesus Christ is, His character and deity and why we should follow Him.  Then, students learn the fundamentals of the computer, applications and the internet.  We have two classes- one for 10 youth and one for 10 community leaders.

Pray for the following:

– our teacher travels weekly from PAP to Duchity:  for safety and the financial resources to cover expenses

– for truth to go forth boldly and hearts to be challenged for Christ

– for those that know Christ already:  continued growth and discipleship

– that God will raise up godly, skilled leaders who can take on these classes and continue teaching them

– for the capability to purchase more computers (currently 2 students are sharing 1 computer)

– for the capability to install permanent internet access in the library- approx. $5,000

Thank you!

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